A good massage can do wonders for relieving tension and back pain, but a therapeutic massage is not always convenient or available. An electronic substitute is now available that is able to provide many of the same benefits of the human touch – the Kahuna massage chair.

Most believe massage chairs are a luxury item., but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Especially at Kahuna Chair in Las Vegas, NV where we are the only outlet massage chair store of our kind. This means you can get a Kahuna Chair for a fraction of the price, and with our financing options, you can find a chair that’s right for you for as low as $40 per month!

A massage chair is certainly not necessary for every day living, or for relieving back pain. However, for some, the benefits that a massage chair can bring may outweigh the price.

Benefits of Massage Therapy and Kahuna Massage Chairs

A good hands-on massage can play a crucial role in alleviating back pain. Similarly, a good massage chair is designed to provide a similar measure of pain relief and relaxation, however, without the need for person-to-person interaction. Getting a massage in the privacy of home, along with convenience and time efficiency, are the major reasons why many are opting to go with a Kahuna massage chair as a potential means to ease their back pain.

Comprehensive research has demonstrated that there are three central reasons why Kahuna massage chairs are beneficial:

  • Massage improves venous and lymphatic flow—manipulating muscles increases blood flow. Increasing blood flow facilitates the circulation and absorption of nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues. Increasing lymphatic circulation clears toxins out of these areas. Together, this revitalizes the massaged area.
  • Kahuna Massage chairs help decrease tension and improve flexibility – massaging helps loosen tight and strained muscles. Stretching and kneading problem areas allow muscles to relax as well.
  • Kahuna massage chairs increase endorphin levels – possibly the most beneficial aspect of massage. Endorphins are the ‘feel good’ chemicals that run through the body – increasing their levels induces positive results. Among other benefits, increasing endorphin levels has been correlated with quicker recovery, reduced pain, and reduced anxiety.

If you have ever experienced a professional massage, you know just how beneficial it can be for both the body and mind. Kahuna Chair in Las Vegas, NV allows you to bring the same professional-quality massage to the comfort of your own home—our massage therapy chairs let you relieve aches and pains on your own schedule. A home Kahuna massage chair is a great investment for your health, but don’t trust just any chair. Make sure your home massage chair is equipped with the latest technology and features that matter most, such as heat therapy, customizable and targeted massage therapy, and built-in massage programs that do all the work for you. Our selection of Kahuna massage therapy chairs features everything from whole-body chairs to compact massage chairs.