Kahuna Chair in Las Vegas, NV specializes in selling the world’s most recognizable, advanced and effective massage chairs and foot massagers. Our Las Vegas location within the Rhodes Ranch community is the only Kahuna massage chair outlet of its kind and we are a close drive from Summerlin, Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. We are dedicated to becoming your source for information as part of your search for a massage chair. Kahuna Chair strives to keep current customers and prospective buyers up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health benefits of massage chairs and understanding the different models. This particular topic will focus on the health benefits of a foot massage.


If your feet are aching after a long day, a foot massage can give you much-needed relief. But it doesn’t just feel good. Research shows that it has health benefits, too.

Even a brief foot massage can ease stress and perk you up. That’s a good thing, because cutting stress and bosting energy raise the odds you’ll make healthy choices like exercising and eating right.

But how does massage do all that? It activates your nervous system, which increases feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins. In one study, people who got foot massage after surgery to remove their appendix had less pain and used fewer painkillers.

That’s not all, though. Foot massage boosts your circulation, which helps with healing and keeps your muscles and tissues healthy. That’s especially important if you have health problems that add to poor circulation or nerve damage, like diabetes.

Rubbing your feet also gives you a chance to check for other problems, like sores, corns, and ingrown toenails. If you have poor circulation, checking your feet for sores is a good idea.

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