I had been trying to purchase a massage chair for a while, went to different stores, tried different brands and models but it never felt right until recently I visited Kahuna Chair Las Vegas and tried a few of the models they offer. I loved the Arete model instantly, this time the experience was different, for the first time I felt confident that was the massage chair I wanted to own. Even though I loved it, I didn’t pull the trigger right away and went home and did more research on the brand and the Arete model and after looking at several specialized reviews I was 100% sure it was the right decision and choice for me. Next day I went back to the store and got my first massage chair and it’s been great, what a difference for me! I need to mention I am very impressed with the customer service they offer at the store, they are very helpful and are very knowledgeable. I highly recommend anyone interested in a massage chair to go and visit the store. – Yanier