Are you looking for the best massage chairs in Las Vegas, NV? Kahuna Chair is proud to offer the best and number one selling massage brand in the USA. Our Las Vegas location within the Rhodes Ranch community is the only Kahuna Massage Chair of its kind; and we are a close drive from Summerlin, Henderson, Boulder City and Lake Las Vegas. We are dedicated to becoming your source for information as part of your search for a massage chair. Kahuna Chair strives to keep current customers and prospective buyers up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health benefits of massage chairs and understanding the different models. This particular topic is focused on the benefits of zero gravity position in a Kahuna Massage Chair.

What is Zero Gravity Position?

You may be asking yourself what a zero gravity chair does. By adopting the same reclining position that NASA created for their astronauts use (allowing them to fly into space without gravity affecting their bodies negatively) all of the stress and pressure is released off of your muscles and joints!

The zero gravity position is the body’s natural resting position. With your body tipped all the way back and your legs elevated, your heart is on an equal plane with the rest of your body, allowing for less stress on your heart as it pumps blood throughout the body. The position follows the natural flow of your spinal column, allowing your disks, back muscles, and entire body to be in a state of peaceful rest. Your weight is evenly distributed which takes the pressure off areas that may experience excess strain or pressure.

This same Zero Gravity technology has been incorporated in most of our Kahuna Massage Chairs!

Benefits of Zero Gravity Position in a Kahuna Massage Chair.

So what specific benefits can the zero gravity position in a Kahuna Massage Chair provide you with? Better blood flow and the even distribution of weight can have unprecedented improvements to your overall physical and mental health. After working hard to complete what’s asked of your body and health on a daily basis, your body needs to be at rest, recharge, and heal before another day’s work. Even if you’re just sitting in an upright position for your job, your spine and lower back will experience some strain and pressure.

The zero gravity position allows the strain on your body to be removed, and therefore can help benefit your physical and mental health in a variety of ways, including:

  • Improved blood circulation and heart function: The zero gravity position allows you to elevate your legs which opens up the valves in your veins, allowing blood to more easily return to the heart – resulting in improved circulation of blood throughout the body.
  • Headache and pain relief: Kahuna Massage Chairs are known to have a good record of getting rid of various types of pains that includes common body aches, chronic back pain and shoulder pain, and headaches. This is because the body experiences a decrease in the cortisone levels in the body as a result of the massage while increasing the serotonin by 28% on average. Serotonin is a hormone that works as a pain reliever and induces relaxation. For specific types of pain, there are a number of Kahuna massage chairs that are specifically designed for this very purpose.
  • Relief from Edema and/or varicose veins: The increased circulation you experience from having your feet elevated above your head will result in reduced swelling and pain experienced from painful conditions that typically occur in the legs – like edema and varicose veins.
  • Reduced stress and anxiety:According to a number of studies, stress can be alleviated by massage therapy. Moreover, ongoing research on the effects of massage therapy on stress and anxiety still continues to reap interesting results. Today, massage therapists all over the globe acknowledge the benefits. A zero gravity massage chair can provide a heightened massage experience to the user hence providing great relief from the stresses that build in the body from daily activities. This type of a massage does not only provide physical relief but is also great for the mind and your overall mental health state.
  • Reduced muscle tension: Chairs that put you into the zero gravity position allow the stress to be taken off of your muscles, and heal after a long day. This is an effective way to manage tension and pain in your muscles, especially your back muscles. Chairs that have massage will help to relax your muscles even further!
  • Improved lung function: Your lungs depend on the diaphragm to function (a large muscle that helps your lungs to expand when filled with air). When you recline into the zero gravity position, your diaphragm allows for maximum expansion, which improves your overall lung function. Over time you’ll be able to take deeper breaths as your lungs improve!

As you can see, the zero gravity position in a Kahuna Massage Chair can be extremely beneficial. If you’re looking to avoid many of these health issues as you age, a zero gravity chair is a great way to improve and maintain your health.

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