Kahuna Chair in Las Vegas, NV specializes in selling the world’s most recognizable, advanced and effective massage chairs. Our Las Vegas location within the Rhodes Ranch community is the only Kahuna massage chair outlet of its kind and we are a close drive from Summerlin, Henderson and Lake Las Vegas. We are dedicated to becoming your source for information as part of your search for a massage chair. Kahuna Chair strives to keep current customers and prospective buyers up-to-date and informed on a variety of topics related to the health benefits of massage chairs and understanding the different models. This particular topic will focus on the benefits of using massage chairs vs human massage.


One of the most obvious benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage is the convenience of being able to get a massage anytime you want. With how busy you are with work, family and extra-curriculars, this makes scheduling massage appointments with a massage therapist difficult and adds yet another item to try and work into your already busy days.

When you’ve got a Kahuna massage chair, you have access to your “massage therapist” whenever you want! Your appointment time is whenever you sit down.


When you think about the benefits of using a massage chair vs human massage, don’t overlook the financial benefits, as well. When you go to a massage therapist on a regular basis you may be spending upwards of a couple hundred dollars each month for massage and only getting one or two massage sessions.

On the other hand, using a massage chair vs human massage lets you experience the benefits of massage as often as you like and the only price is the massage chair cost. With our great financing option, that same monthly budget you already set aside for monthly massages can more than cover a monthly payment on a Kahuna massage chair. Over a short period of time, your investment pays for itself. The best massage chairs will last for a long time, protecting your investment and making it worth every cent.


When it comes to using a massage chair vs human massage, there are some things human massage simply cannot provide that the best massage chairs can. For example, the benefits of heated massage chairs enhance the massage experience and boost your overall health even more.

Another massage chair feature you may find that human massage simply cannot mimic is zero gravity positioning. These zero gravity massage chairs recline into the zero gravity position which helps alleviate pressure on the back and pelvic regions, further improve blood circulation, and offers a host of other health benefits.

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